What is an adjective?

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An adjective is a descriptive part of speech that is used to give additional information about a noun or a pronoun.

Adjectives are necessary when you want to make the meaning of a sentence clearer and more exact.

Some examples of adjectives include beautiful, good, breathtaking, disgusting and smart.

Adjectives are used before nouns.
Example: a beautiful girl

Adjectives are used before pronouns.
Example: The red one

Adjectives can also come after the verb “to be”.
Example: I am happy.   **

Comparative and superlative adjectives**

In English, adjectives can be made comparative and superlative.
Some examples of comparative adjectives are: better, bigger, more beautiful.

Some examples of superlative adjectives are: the best, the biggest and the most beautiful.

When you use more than one adjective in a sentence before a noun, the following order should be observed: **
size – color – origin – material – purpose – noun**.  

Adjective categories

We can single out the following types of adjectives:   Adjectives of quality: nice or big 

The categories below include adjectives which fall into more than one part of speech.

For example, the word some is an adjective. In some cases it is also an adverb. It all depends on how it is being used.  

Adjectives of quantity: some or little 

Interrogative adjectives: what, which

Numerals :
Five, tenth  

Originally Published on May 16th, 2019

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