How do I pronounce this word?

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Thanks to the folks over at, today, we’re pretty happy to announce a new free online pronunciation dictionary that can help you out when you’re learning any new language.

In fact, the way you pronounce new words will directly impact not only your confidence but also your level of understanding. When you have no idea how to say a word correctly, you will never manage to understand it when you hear it being spoken by others.   Having a word pronounced by a native speaker will help you to learn it a lot faster.

But what if there are no native speakers around you? In that case, our virtual native speakers will help you to improve your pronunciation skills and master new languages. You can choose from several characters, who all have their own names and voices. All your new pronunciation guides are fluent in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and many more languages.   Wondering How to pronounce a word correctly?  
The real advantage of the new online pronunciation tool is that it is easy to use. Once you land on, you will see your animated teacher. The text input field will be to the left of the character. Type in any word or sentence that you want to check. You can also choose the settings, such as the language, the voice or the speed of the pronunciation. Your new teacher will pronounce words online as many times as you want to help you memorize the correct way to say them.    
Pronunciation is important when it comes to improving your fluency and the way you say words in foreign languages will also influence the way other people perceive you. After learning how to pronounce words correctly, your language level will improve and you will be more comfortable venturing out to speak this language with other people.    
Ready for an immediate confidence boost?

Originally Published on May 7th, 2019


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